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The story of how Andrew Warhola became Andy Warhol. How the son of Ruthenian immigrants, growing up in the Czechoslovak ghetto on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, became the symbol of the 20th century American art, and a pop-art icon.

As the title suggests, the exhibition is divided into two parts. The Warhol/Warhola exhibition features Andy Warhol as the author made famous through graphic art portraits of Marilyn Monroe, which have become iconic pop art. There are also lesser-known series, such as Black and White Flowers, which are hand-colored by the author. These series come from later years, and they are done in the style most typical of Andy's career. His more subtle drawings were created during the 1950’s, when he focused mostly on the work of promotional graphics. Andy Warhol, at the same time as he was creating those images, and with no less intensity, also devoted himself to film - especially as a director or producer, taking part in the production of several dozen pictures. The GOAP Gallery is the only place in the Czech Republic where one can see 30 Warhol posters in various formats, for example, for the films Ciao! Manhattan, Woman, Dracula, Trash, Flesh, and Heat ... The poster for Frankenstein even has a personal dedication and autograph from world-famous movie star Udo Kiera. The posters are complemented by ten promotional photos which accompanied the original film screenings. Another rare, authentic memory of Andy Warhol, are the issues of his "Interview Magazine", in which  famous people interviewed other famous people.
We can also see an exceptional collection of LP covers: from early covers such as for  Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake (where the line becomes a delicate illustration), through the unforgettable Rolling Stones booklet ("the one with a zipper"), to the famous cover for one of the Factory symbols of the 60’s: The Velvet Underground & Nico, whose front is adorned by the legendary yellow banana.
"Factory" was an important concept in New York's cultural, artistic, and social life in the 1960’s. Andy's associate and friend, Billy Name, captured these happenings in a rather unique way.
From his position as the first Warhol photographer and lab technician, he was able to capture the exciting atmosphere of Factory in its most significant era. These images document the process of creating an icon named ANDY WARHOL.

The second part of the exhibition introduces Warhol's family, and his origins. The section dedicated to Andy's mother Julia shows how she was an important and inseparable part of his life, and just how much she inspired Andy. "She was a connection to the old world, and Andy was the bloom of something new - the fruit of her energy," said Andy's nephew, James Warhol.
Julia never lost her bond to her roots, as is shown by original letters written to her sister Eva "to the homeland”, or copies of documents obtained from Paul and John (Andy’s brothers), as well as by photographs of personal meetings.
A separate chapter of the exhibition contains the exclusive photographs and documents of his cousin Christina Soley, from the family’s final farewell to Andy. The connection between Andy Warhol and Czechoslovakia is concluded with pictures of crosses and tombstones from the cemetery in Mikova (the birthplace of his parents), bearing the names Varhola and Zavacký (the maiden name of Andy's mother).

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